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Thierry Tournet

Thierry Tournet

Webmaster, European Broadcasting Union

General features

  • Add your own branding (including branded emails)
  • Customize homepage design - no LightRocket branding
  • Almost any file type accepted (photos, videos, audio files, pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .psd, .ai and many more. Most unsupported file types added without charge)
  • Comprehensive advanced search filters at front and back end to facilitate accurate file retrieval (with option to search by keyword, within the description field, within a folder or across all folders, by contributor name or by file name with many other filters)
  • Regular upgrades built into license
  • Personalised support and expert consultancy built into license
  • Secure Linux operating platform
  • Intuitive interface design combined with comprehensive professional tools
  • Flexible hosting and storage options - payable directly with no surcharges
  • Multi-browser support means system can be accessed and used everywhere
  • Automated back-ups and disaster recovery
  • Virtual 'lightboxes' for selections that can be securely shared, printed and downloaded
  • Built-in Tour feature enabling new users to quickly learn the platform
  • Dedicated support page with FAQs and video tutorials

User management

  • Optional two factor authentication for added security
  • Identify staff/external users
  • Detailed advanced search filters allow for search by user type, group, join date, status and more
  • Easy to switch user roles
  • Configurable user types
  • Suspend and delete users with no risk to data (files from deleted user accounts automatically transferred to admin to avoid accidental loss)
  • Single user sign-on (SSO) synchronization (LDAP/SAML)
  • Delegate editing and publishing roles to "publishing editors"
  • Email selected users (individually or as a group) directly from the platform with complete email history
  • Create user groups for emailing or contributor management
  • Fine tune user registration - automatic registration, email validation or admin approval only

Tracking, statistics, and reporting

  • Integration with Google analytics, complete with easy-to-view data display
  • Dashboard overview showing key system data and weekly changes
  • Export CSV reports from user management and download follow up pages
  • Track downloads with customizable optional automated email reminders to all who download from the platform
  • Full system download history (with user name, date, email contact and usage details)
  • Cumulative usage history visible for all downloaded files, to avoid duplicate usage and drive production strategy

Keywording and classification

  • Unique professional hierarchical keyword thesaurus with 40,000 terms including use-fors and alternate terms for rich tagging
  • Add and modify your own thesauri
  • Set license type (Under license / wholly owned)
  • Indicate if files are digitally manipulated
  • Auto complete when searching thesaurus terms, across multiple thesauri
  • Ability to add, replace or remove tags/keywords batches of files
  • Ability to add or replace text to Caption/Description field for batches of files
  • Status icons show completion status for key file information fields
  • A unique LightRocket "visibility meter" designed to encourage users to complete recommended metadata fields (the more fields that are completed, the more "visible" the file becomes)
  • Edit preferred files by ranking them, up to 5 stars
  • Configurable drop down country lists
  • Standard IPTC and XMP fields with ability to add custom fields if required Standard IPTC and XMP fields with ability to add custom fields if required
  • Specific relevant fields (shot list/script) automatically loaded for video files

File access, authorization and copyright

  • Privacy filters restrict access to selected files
  • Make files searchable (published) with a single click
  • Recall files instantly
  • Comprehensive consent form management feature
  • Configurable access levels defined to match your organisation's need
  • Set expiry dates for view/download rights Set expiry dates for view/download rights
  • Review users' download requests prior to granting rights
  • Thumbnails right-click protect
  • File and copyright information embedded in all download files (provided it has been added)
  • Customisable watermarks, added automatically and easily updatable
  • Config settings to allow/block preview downloads
  • Config setting to allow non-logged in downloads and optional download request form display

Files, galleries and metadata

  • Drag and drop uploader makes uploading files easy and intuitive
  • FTP upload with automatic import into archive
  • Folder structure maintained from FTP import
  • Drag files between folders
  • Create, name / rename folders and sub folders in standard tree structure
  • Create, manage, categorise and publish virtual galleries
  • Drag and drop files within galleries to adjust sequencing
  • Editable categories for galleries (with drag and drop feature for re-ordering galleries)
  • Dedicated protected folders for FTP imports and deleted files
  • Deleted files held for 48 hours with option to restore
  • Detailed sort options by date uploaded, date created, rating, most viewed (front end), filename, ISO rating, file size, largest aspect.
  • Zoomable thumbnails for easy viewing
  • Filter to identify duplicate uploads
  • Turn hover previews on and off and set the number of thumbnails displayed per page
  • Ability to select display thumbnail for videos
  • Admins can add notes/comments to contributor folders
  • Rotate files to correct/change file orientation
  • Existing file information imported on upload and editable within platform
  • Review/restore original metadata even after changes
  • Copy and paste selected file information to multiple files
  • Export metadata to CSV for edit and re-import to corresponding files
  • Admins can access file editing tools from front end and back end

Distribution and sharing

  • Send files securely via private links with options to re-size files and downloads or viewing only
  • Send files securely to FTP sites - with ability to re-size files and save frequently used FTP addresses
  • Share files (for viewing and/or download) with pre-defined user groups (such as media contacts)
  • Copy link option from previews for quick sharing
  • Configurable social media sharing. You choose which channels
  • Share virtual galleries
  • RESTful API technology allowing media library platform pages to be displayed via 3rd party platforms
  • Ability to embed gallery slideshows in other web platforms for CMS solutions (system generates embed code)
  • Ability to securely share single files or virtual lightboxes by email (with embedded thumbnails displayed in email)

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